LS-7 Service Selling Skills – Close One More Job with Bill Haas

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - In this course, Bill Haas emphases’ on the importance of good customer service skills and shop relationships in order to make the ...

LS-46 The Power of the Phone

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- The most powerful tool in your shop is your phone. Sure, we all know to say Good Morning or Good Afternoon, identify the shop, and id ...

LS-40 From Order Taker to Sales Maker

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM- Order takers don’t make sales. Order takers sound rushed, usually answer questions with yes or no and seldom ask questions. A sales ...

LBT-286 7 Ways to Improve Cash Flow and Increase Profit with Bill Haas

Owners and manager spend a lot of time in the shop and with customers, sometimes overlooking cash flow and profit and loss trends. In this course, Bill ...

LBT-278 Service Management Made Simple With Greg Marchand

Service writing is the first-line of defense at any repair shop. This is where the communication starts and the transaction is completed. This class is ...

LBT-260 How to Sell a Spark Plug a Communication Learning Program with DJ Harrington

Your customers are the reason your shop exists. If you cannot meet your customers' needs, we as a company probably will not survive. Just meeting customer ...

LBT-250 Working with Gen X and Y

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Bill Haas helps us define the different generations in the workplace and their characteristics. He will show you how to ...

LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X & Y with Bill Haas

LBT-236_info In this class ASA's Bill Haas presents some concepts and information to help you better understand and market to generations X and Y. Meet ...

LBT-221 Introduction to Marketing Principles with George Witt

Instructor George Witt presents this service marketing training program with his own over the top yet engaging presentation style. George says the prob ...

LBT-214 Service Advisor Tips and Tricks with George Witt

It doesn't matter if you've been in the business for decades or have just opened your first repair shop. You need to pay attention to what AVI's Instru ...

LBT-186 Secrets to Running a Zoo with George Witt

Shop management can often be like running a zoo, so George Witt is going to let you in on his secrets to help you take your shop from a zoo to a busine ...

LBT-185 Eating Your Competition Alive

George Witt is back with more marketing training to help you beat the competition. In this course he gives you advanced marketing strategies so you can ...

LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty with Bill Haas

J.D. Powers and Associates estimates that one customer’s loyalty is worth $7,000 over the life of their vehicle. Wouldn’t you like to keep their ma ...

LBT-140 Telephone Techniques – Power Phrases That Pay

Are you losing customers because your phone skills are lacking? Maybe its time to update your telephone techniques with AVI’s Power Phrases that Pay with ...

LBT-126 Planning For Success

Whether you are starting a new auto repair business or trying to save the one you have, financial planning is a must. In this program George Witt, one ...

LBT-109 Becoming the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For with George Witt

As a shop owner you have undoubtedly gone through years of technical training. One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to training is how to b ...

LBT-108 Survival Skills for the Service Provider with George Witt

As the liaison between your service techs and the customer, the service adviser is the most important job performed in your shop. Although it can often ...

Delphi Training Series: Promoting and Profiting with Hybrids

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Imagine telling a customer with a diesel engine “sorry, we don’t work on diesels.” Sound crazy?  No crazier than saying ...

Delphi Training Series – Increasing Car Count and Profits

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - Building Relationships and Selling Preventative Maintenance Price shoppers and coupon clippers only increase your car count for ...

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