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Take your shop to the next level with this great training bundle from AVI. Inside the Power play bundle you will find a little of everything from technical training to management training, that will help train yourself and your employees.

  • Management – Get the Edge on Selling Skills
  • Electrical Classes – Brush up on the basics and networking
  • Diagnostics – Tips and Techniques: Learn from the best
  • HVAC – A/C Service and Best Practices for Technicians
Survival Skills
Better Managing
Victory Over Voltage
Testing Electrical Circuits
FRED Takes the Bus
Top 10 OBDII codes
Best A/C Recommended Practices
Why J2788
J2534 Reprogramming
10 Minute Scope Check
Fuel Trim Diagnostics
Intermittent Diagnostics
Advantages of Mode $06




AP-9 Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing with Dave Hobbs

The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. This program takes a complex system and gives you the fundamentals in terms easily understood by students and technicians of all levels. This class provides detailed explanations, applications and practical uses when utilizing your multimeter in everyday situations. Instructor […]

LBT-73 F.R.E.D. Takes the Bus with Dave Hobbs

Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating, but F.R.E.D. (Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic, Devices) can help solve the mystery behind it. In this course, Dave Hobbs brings his 30+ years of experience to show you how the electronic modules communicate with each other and help you tackle this tough issue and save diagnostic time. Dave […]

LBT-108 Survival Skills for the Service Provider with George Witt

As the liaison between your service techs and the customer, the service adviser is the most important job performed in your shop. Although it can often be a hectic and thankless job, the skills it requires are often overlooked by shop owners and technicians. AVI can help you gain the excellent people skills and selling […]

LBT-109 Becoming the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For with George Witt

As a shop owner you have undoubtedly gone through years of technical training. One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to training is how to become a better manager. Having good management skills is just as important to your shops survival as your technical skills. Using real world techniques, AVI can help you […]

LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check with Bill Fulton

This program shows you what to look for and how to make decisions on weak cylinders. Bill shows you tests with your DSO to pinpoint misfire causes that you can’t do with a scanner. This course also helps end the confusion by giving you scope settings for testing/voltage, time, slopes and trigger source.

LBT-177 Fuel Trim Diagnostics with Jim Wilson

With the cost of fuel today, gas mileage is more important to your customers than ever. Have you had customers complaining of lost engine power and poor fuel economy? Would you like to sell more fuel injection service work? AVI can help with Fuel Trim Diagnostics. In this program Jim Wilson shows you how to […]

LBT-192 Advantages of Mode $06 with Jim Wilson

You will learn the preliminaries for MODE $06 tests, how to run the tests and if the test is passed or failed. Wilson covers monitor test results, how to confirm the monitor has run so you know the data is correct and the monitor readiness screen.

LBT-219 J2534 Reprogramming with Bob Pattengale

Learn J2534 fundamentals and skills using several different reprogramming tools that can help you make money with Bob Pattengale. Bob wants you to prepare for the inevitable. More than 30% of the cars you are working on for drivability concerns can be likely be fixed with a reflash, meaning no parts are required.

LBT-223 Top 10 OBDII Codes with Dave Scaler

In this program, Dave Scaler will not only teach you how to fix OBD II DTC’s, he’ll teach you methods to fix them fast! Whether it’s an import or domestic vehicle, this program contains universal techniques you can apply to any make or brand—without using a manual or factory flow chart! Advance your diagnostic strategies […]

LBT-224 A/C Best Recommended Practices with Bob Pattengale

This program is intended to cover the fundamentals of what makes the A/C system work on newer vehicles and the best recommended procedures for diagnosis and repair. Bob will help you avoid the common, costly mistakes that affect your bottom line. He will cover things like identifying refrigerants, recharging the system, replacing components and purging air from the system.

LBT-229 Intermittent Diagnostics with Bill Fulton

Instructor Bill Fulton will go through more than 15 different intermittent problems that he has seen in his years of testing and diagnosing today’s cars. Each test case shows varieties of intermittent failures.

LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops with Dave Hobbs

Victory Over Voltage Drops is your training solution to diagnosing one of the most common intermittent electrical problems within any vehicle's electrical system. Whether it's Powertrain, Chassis or Body systems related – or whether the problem resides in a power, ground or signal circuit - excessive voltage drops can be frustrating to track down.


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