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Product Description

The Management Training bundle from MotoSKILL will put you and other shop owners, service writers and managers on track to ensure the success of any repair shop. Learn management skills, learn how to better communicate with employees, and how to effectively market your shop’s valuable services.

  • 10 Hours of Video
  • 365 Day Course Access
  • Comprehensive Quizzes
  • PDF Manuals
  • Certificate of Completion
Survival Skills for the Service Advisor
Becoming the Manager to Work For
Secrets to Running a Zoo
Service Advisor Tips & Tricks
Intro to Marketing Principles
Marketing to Generation X and Y
Working with Generation X and Y
The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty
How to Sell a Spark Plug



LBT-108 Survival Skills for the Service Provider with George Witt

As the liaison between your service techs and the customer, the service adviser is the most important job performed in your shop. Although it can often be a hectic and thankless job, the skills it requires are often overlooked by shop owners and technicians. AVI can help you gain the excellent people skills and selling […]

LBT-109 Becoming the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For with George Witt

As a shop owner you have undoubtedly gone through years of technical training. One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to training is how to become a better manager. Having good management skills is just as important to your shops survival as your technical skills. Using real world techniques, AVI can help you […]

LBT-175 The Competition for Your Customers Loyalty with Bill Haas

You might be surprised by the reason customers leave you and go to another shop, and in this program, Bill Haas tells you the #1 reason this happens. He gives you a loyalty checklist and explains the most important feedback you should be getting from your customers, and why it’s so vital to the success of your shop.

LBT-186 Secrets to Running a Zoo with George Witt

Shop management can often be like running a zoo, so George Witt is going to let you in on his secrets to help you take your shop from a zoo to a business that can run itself. Many shop owners are afraid to leave their shop and this course will give you the management training […]

LBT-214 Service Advisor Tips and Tricks with George Witt

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the business for decades or have just opened your first repair shop. You need to pay attention to what AVI’s Instructor George Witt has to tell you. This is a MUST for all service writers, shop owners, and front office personnel. George has some great tips and tricks […]

LBT-221 Introduction to Marketing Principles with George Witt

Instructor George Witt presents this service marketing training program with his own over the top yet engaging presentation style. George says the problem with marketing is that is such a big and complex subject with so much to learn. People ask George all the time if he has some ‘simple’ things they can do to […]

LBT-236 Marketing to Generation X & Y with Bill Haas

In this class ASA’s Bill Haas presents some concepts and information to help you better understand and market to generations X and Y. Meeting their expectations is the easy part. Communicating a message to attract and engage them seems to be the challenge. You cannot ignore these two groups at 80 million strong – the […]

LBT-250 Working with Gen X and Y

Can’t We All Just Get Along? Bill Haas helps us define the different generations in the workplace and their characteristics. He will show you how to identify common drivers and value systems of each generation and how this affects motivation and behavior; how each generation defines success and how these differences affect communication and relationships […]

LBT-260 How to Sell a Spark Plug a Communication Learning Program with DJ Harrington

Here's what we're going to cover in the class. The voice of the customer and how to respond to that customer. Why customer service is non-negotiable. Selling your body shop services is another chapter. Then we have one on suggestions for sharpening your phone skills.


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