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If you made an investment in a Vetronix Mastertech for your shop then you need this program to get the most out of this awesome piece of equipment. AVI and Bob Augustine from Bosch will show you things you didn’t know this scan tool could do so you can use it more efficiently and effectively.

Bob shows you how to use all the “Hot Keys” and how to use frequency and pulse width monitoring. He explains why and when to use the bay test and A/C relay test. He covers the crank relearn test, reflashing, ABS bleed procedure, tire size recalibration and customizing and saving parameters.

Bob helps you save valuable time by going over the function menu and how to use the module status to view what’s on the data bussing network. He also goes into great detail about DTC levels and bar graphing parameters and snapshot mode including usage, triggers and time referencing.

  • PCM reprogramming
  • Bi-directional capabilities
  • Laminated “Hot Key” reference card

Runtime: 120 minutes

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