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Primary and secondary ignition patterns are vital for every tech to know. AVI and instructor Bill Fulton show you how to use a lab scope to troubleshoot issues with ignition systems on all vehicles on the road today.

In this course Bill tackles primary and secondary ignition patterns and other topics that apply to all makes and modes of vehicles. He covers DSOs, DVOMs, high and low-impedance tests, and lights and logic probes. He provides information on OBD II misfire monitors and relearn procedures for domestic systems.

Bill also explains using triggering devices on COP systems, integrated and non-integrated COP control systems, control strategies and testing strategies. Wouldn’t you like to make more money by cutting your COP diagnostic time down to only 5 minutes?

  • Tips and tricks on misfire testing
  • EI and DI systems
  • 5 Diagnostic tests for the ignition system you MUST DO

Runtime: 45 minutes


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