lbt-311_L5P duramax_3.31.2017

Product Description

The newest engine in the Duramax family is the L5P. This engine includes mechanical upgrades, a new fuel delivery system, solenoid style fuel injectors, a revised high pressure pump, and a brand new air induction system with a high tech mass air flow sensor. These compliments contribute to making an incredible 925 ft. lbs. of torque. This program will take you through the diagnostic procedures and component testing techniques of the low and high pressure fuel system, the new air induction system along with revised emission components to keep you up to date with GM’s latest diesel engine.

Topics Covered:

  • Low Side Fuel Stress Test
  • Procedures with Scan Tool for Resets and Relearns
  • Cylinder Contribution Test
  • Important Data PID List
  • Bi-directional Test
  • New parts for a more quiet operation (Oil Pan, Valve Cover, and Fuel System)
  • Sensor Testing
  • Service and Maintenance

Runtime: 1 hour
Manual Included


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