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Being a modern technician requires the ability to accurately read and understand a maze of wire schematics. Modern vehicles are equipped with modern amenities that require miles of wiring that is always in danger of being compromised from the constant rattling of chassis, heat from the engine and driver abuse. Today, it is impossible to be a lucrative technician without a good working knowledge of electric diagrams.

Come take a ride with AVI and your host, Peter Orlando, through detailed, world class training that will get you properly diagnosing and fixing electrical problems in no time.  Get familiarized with all the different symbols used in schematics, not only on American cars but German vehicles as well. Learn how to accurately read a schematic and locate certain systems throughout any vehicle quickly and with confidence. Look over Peter Orlando’s shoulder as he goes over “Common Point” diagnostics, critical thinking and his famous “Three Power Point Process.” Prepare to be armed with an arsenal of diagnostic strategies, time saving tips and real world knowledge that is guaranteed to give you the edge in diagnosis and repair.

Covered in this class:

•    Schematic symbols (SAE and DIN)
•    Schematic navigation
•    Electrical diagnosis using schematics
•    Common point diagnostics
•    Terminal fretting
•    Actual case studies
•    General problem areas
•    System Analysis
•    Opens, Shorts and High Resistance
•    Communication Circuits and much more!

Runtime: 206 minutes


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