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The new 6.4L Powerstroke is different from the 6.0L and 7.3L and this class will help you understand the differences. Former Ford factory trainer Mark DeKoster provides an overview of the major systems on this engine with component locations, maintenance issues and information that Ford provides to their own technicians.

Mark shows you the location of the three filtering elements. He covers the new oil injection system, the unique features of the dual cooling system and dual thermostat system and the major differences between the new and old EGR system. This program provides a lot of great information on the use of a particulate filter, new ideas and procedures and information on how this system uses a regeneration cycle.

Mark gives you must have information on the components and operation of the new dual turbo system which uses a throttle plate. He covers use of the Ford IDS, reflash and reprogram issues, OBD issues and drive cycles. The class also provides hands-on testing information for the on demand tests, the self tests and many new tests that can be done.

Runtime: 90 minutes

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