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Welcome to AVI’s Hybrid training bundle, your first stop for gaining the knowledge required to start servicing Hybrids safely and with confidence. The information in this bundle is presented by auto-electric guru and renowned instructor Dave Hobbs. He covers each of the unique components found in Hybrid vehicles, how they differ in each Hybrid type and the service opportunities that are available surrounding these components. In order to give you a better understanding of these components, Dave compares them to traditional systems and how they relate to each other.

Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems
Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles

Runtime: 210 minutes
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LBT-228 Mastering Hybrid HVAC Systems with Dave Hobbs

In this program, Instructor Dave Hobbs teaches you hands-on fundamentals to servicing Hybrid A/C systems. Advance your diagnostic strategies by understanding these complex systems through live on car demonstrations. Dave covers essential hybrid A/C technical tips and tricks on how to keep not only your customers cool but the hybrid battery from overheating. In depth […]

LBT-281 Making Money Servicing Hybrid Vehicles with Dave Hobbs

In this course, presented by Auto-Electric guru Dave Hobbs, basic Hybrid knowledge and service are addressed to give you the basic knowledge to start performing maintenance. We cover the different Hybrid vehicle types, how to quickly identify a hybrid and safety measures to make sure you don’t get harmed when fiddling around high voltage cables […]


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