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LS-13 Start/Stop Technology Overview with Bob Pattengale

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - The challenge of achieving 54 MPG by 2025 requires creative solutions and Start/Stop systems provide a cost effective, simple ...

LS-9 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM - This is a special Live Stream course because it was filmed live from the AVI Conference in Las Vegas.  The understanding of ...

LBT-269 Wiring Schematics Interpretation

Being a modern technician requires the ability to accurately read and understand a maze of wire schematics. Modern vehicles are equipped with modern am ...

LS-5 In-Vehicle Battery/Starter/Alternator Diagnostics with Dan Cox

  ARCHIVED LIVESTREAM – Presented by Dan Cox, Technical Support Manager for Midtronics, Inc. Along with some basic electrical system diagnostics, ...

LBT-270 Parasitic Current Draw with Dave Hobbs

In this video, AVI teams up with Delphi instructor and electrical mastermind, Dave Hobbs to bring you the most comprehensive class on parasitic battery ...

LBT-257 Future Power: Advanced Technologies in Batteries, Starting & Charging Systems with Dave Hobbs

Charging and starting systems are changing as fast as current model years roll out. What we used to do to test them doesn’t always apply to the new w ...

LBT-237 FRED Kicks the CAN with Dave Hobbs

Do you know what to do when your scan tool says "No Communications"? Can you quickly diagnose those dreaded "U-Codes" that report serial bus problems? Th ...

LBT-233 Victory Over Voltage Drops with Dave Hobbs

Victory Over Voltage Drops is your training solution to diagnosing one of the most common intermittent electrical problems within any vehicle's electri ...

ASE-A6 Test Prep Electrical and Electronic Systems with Dave Hobbs

Updated to address the most recent ASE task list! Just because you have worked with electrical systems before does not mean you are ready to take th ...

LBT-212 Anatomy of a Waveform with Bill Fulton

In Anatomy of the Waveform, Bill covers the diagnostic value of a secondary ignition waveform on DI, DIS, COP systems and a compression waveform viewed ...

LBT-54 Ignition System Testing w/Coil-on-Plug & Misfire Detection with Bill Fulton

Primary and secondary ignition patterns are vital for every tech to know. AVI and instructor Bill Fulton show you how to use a lab scope to troubleshoo ...

AP-9 Meter Usage and Electrical Circuit Testing with Dave Hobbs

The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. This program takes a complex system and gives yo ...