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After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the two common types of networking systems used on vehicles today and understanding how to diagnose those issues.

Topics Covered:

  • What is networking?  Students will be presented with an overview of multiplexing, networking systems and how the various modules are integrated onto a common communication network.  Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of this process from both a design and diagnostic view.
  • Types of CAN: Loop/Star Students will learn the two common ways these vehicles are wired by way of the loop and star configurations.  They will learn the necessary steps involved with isolating various module on each of these designs.
  • High Speed vs. low: Students will be presented the difference between high and low speed circuits and will learn the priority of various modules dictating their placements.  They will also be presented with various node and sub node scenarios.
  • Diagnosing with scan tools:  Students will be shown how to use a scan tool effectively to diagnose various types of network issues including the dreaded no communications message.
  • Case studies reviewed: Case studies utilizing various tooling will be used to show the thought process used when confronted with a controller area networking issue.