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LBT-333 Controller Area Network (C.A.N.) Overview

After attending this course, the student will have a thorough understanding of the two common types of networking systems used on vehicles today and unders ...

LBT-334 Diagnostic Mindset

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - If we were to start by trying to perform many different tests on every car starting with compression testing, moving on to ignitio ...

LBT-222 Advanced Chrysler Diagnostics

Bill Fulton takes you into the shop for live vehicle training. He will cover APPS and TPS sensors, Networking & Bussing, CCD wires and bus circuits, ...

LS-63 Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Explained

Join Us Live June 27 @2:00-3:00pm EDT - The first diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment components were introduced over 10 years ago and are required on all co ...

LBT-325 GM Gasoline Direct Injection Systems with Variable Valve Timing Equipped Engines

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - In this course Bill Fulton will be covering high side and low side fuel systems, the injector drive circuit, current ramping the f ...

2017 Transmission Bundle

Keep your transmissions skills up to date with this 2017 transmission bundle featuring the following classes: LBT-305 ATSG: DL501-7Q / 0B5 / S-Tronic ...

LBT-323 Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics

ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - This HD Broadcast event from Bill Fulton “Electrical Troubleshooting and Schematic Based Diagnostics”, is a comprehensive sche ...

LBT-318 Power Up Your Power Stroke Skills – 6.7L

LBT -318
The Powerstroke 6.7L is a newer Ford diesel that is equipped with a Piezo-common rail fuel injection system, dual boost and variable vane turbocharger plus ...

LBT-317 Power Up Your Power Stroke Skills – 6.4L

Powerstroke 6.4L was not used by Ford for many years. It was used from mid 2007 to 2010. The 6.4L brought about the use of the aftertreatment system and co ...

LBT-316 Power Up Your Power Stroke Skills – 6.0L

This video presentation will review the Powerstroke 6.0L and subsystems. This presentation will cover the diagnosis and update information needed to rep ...

LBT-321 Bosch Quick Strike EVAP System Diagnostics

Quick Strike EVAP System Diagnostics ARCHIVED HD BROADCAST - The most common evaporative emissions fault codes relate to leaks in the fuel vapor system, w ...

Weekend Specials

Get all 6 classes now for one special low price! LBT-43 4 and 5 Gas Emissions Testing LBT-145 10 Minute Scope Check LBT-259 Catalyst Efficiency Diagno ...